Starlink terminal versions and their definitions

• What versions of Starlink terminals are there? 
• How to correctly determine the model of the Starlink terminal?
• Is it correct to name the Starlink V1 and V2 terminal models? 

If earlier there were only a few models of Starlink terminals, now it is known about a large variety of terminal models in the future. At the same time, the company SpaceX does not want to simplify the life of the community, creating different names of models systematizing, which is another of our tasks.

Therefore, we decided to put the classification of Starlink terminals in order and start using the manufacturer's technical designations, which are usually used in Starlink software.

We are talking about names of the type ( as an example ) rev1_pre_production, rev3_proto1, or hp1_proto1, where the left part ( before the symbol "_" ) is the model designation, and the right part is the model version. So, now we will not use the designation V1 because it includes all rev1 and rev2 versions ( and this model is no longer produced and sold ), or V2 - essentially rev3 of one or another version.

From now on, we will use the same designations as the manufacturer to simplify the classification of models. Both existing and new are yet to be made available for sale, but we know they are being tested.

Starlink plates

The picture lists all the main models known to us ( without specifying the available versions ). More detailed information will be formed over time and provided in our blog on the website.



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