Do you need full access to the Internet away from civilization?

YAOSHENG products will help you to use your Starlink  equipment most efficiently! 
To save energy, you can use direct conversion from the battery to the parameters you need for your device, bypassing the inverter. For example, 12V -> 5V to charge a smartphone or 12V -> 19V to charge a laptop. This will help save up to 15-20% of electricity compared to the inverter power scheme.
And if, for ordinary devices, only a voltage converter and wires with the necessary connectors are enough, then, you will also need a PoE injector for Starlink to supply power to the Dishy.
YAOSHENG produces a high-quality PoE injector that was explicitly developed for Starlink, and all the necessary parameters and requirements for equipment protection and power were considered.
YAOSHENG also produces a special Adapter with which you can use a standard cable without modification.
Starlink Dishy -> original cable -> YS adapter -> YS PoE injector + DC/DC converter 12/48V -> standard LAN (Ethernet) port.
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